About Me

I am a researcher in clinical psychology, mindfulness/compassion trainer, and an academic director of the Mindfulness and Compassion Interventions summer school at the University of Amsterdam. 

What makes me happy is to travel, learn, dance, eat, teach, and meditate.

My research focuses on emotion regulation in youth with special emphasis on mindfulness, self-compassion, and new technologies.

My both personal and professional background is very diverse and interdisciplinary. I am originally from Poland, but lived and studied in various countries around the world. I obtained an MA in Ergonomic and Psychology Engineering from the University of Rennes 2 (2009) in France, and I got my PhD in Clinical Psychology at University of Castellon in Spain (2013). For the last years my research was mainly focused on new technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and serious games used for clinical and health interventions. Last few years I spent at the University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands), where I obtained Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship, which allowed me to combine my different interests: clinical research, work with youth, and meditation into one project- Peaceful Mind. Currently, I am working as a postdoctoral research fellow under Beatriz Galindo Spanish excellence grant at the University of Valencia (Spain), where I continue to combine research in clinical field with new technologies and contemplative practices.

My research is mainly experimental, in the lab or school context, with the goal to provide a real-world, evidence-based strategies as a “mini” interventions or validated components of  interventions.

A part of my research work I am also a certified mindfulness and compassion trainer, and an academic director of the Summer School Program Peaceful Mind on the topic of mindfulness and compassion interventions organized together with University of Amsterdam.

My intention is twofold. Professionally,  I hope to contribute to the creation of  individualized and efficient “toolbox” of resources for people (children, parents, adults) so they can go and experience the world that is waiting for them in a most enriching way. Personally, I hope to learn something new each day, connect with interesting people, and have some fun during the process.