Mindfulness & compassion training



…and what if we sit for a moment, let go of all the obligations, conceptual knowledge, techniques & questions and just be as we are…truly ourselves for a short moment, maybe only this breath?…


I invite you for this adventure of self-exploration together. I begin walking this path about 10 years ago, and the process is still and always beautifully unfolding.

I am a certified mindfulness trainer and trained self-compassion teacher. Specifically, I am trained in the following internationally recognized and scientifically validated protocols. I do enjoy, however, combining my expertise from different fields/protocols into a unique experience that is in accordance to the needs of the group. I also love combining scientific knowledge with art, music, & dance/body movement activities.

  • My Mind -Mindful parenting and mindfulness for children with ASD and ADHD (Prof. S.Bögles)
  • Mindfulness with your baby (Dr. E. Podharst)
  • Mindful-Self Compassion for adults (Dr. C. Germer and Dr. K. Neff)
  • Making Friends with Yourself – mindful self-compassion for teens (Dr. K. Bluth and L. Hobbs)
  • Mindful Schools Year-long certification (USA non profit organization)
  • Mindful Motherhood training for pregnant women (Dr.C. Vieten)

Mindfulness and compassion training can be provided individually or in group, as well as in different time frame (as a full year activity , 8-week training , or as a 1 day workshop, or retreats on request). I work in Spain, where I currently live, but also in any other country, in person or online. I provide different mindfulness and compassion training in public and private sector for youth, parents, educators, and professionals.

I work in English, Spanish, French, and Polish.

I collaborated with: University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Dokter Bosman Clinic (The Netherlands), Cambridge House private primary & secondary school (Spain), Municipality/CEFIRE (Spain), Catholic University of Valencia (Spain), Ausias March Public School (Spain), Spanish Mindfulness Association (Spain).

If you wish to collaborate with me & contact me to give lectures, workshops, courses or short retreats,  do not hesitate to send me a mail to info@majawrzesien.com.