Research projects

Emotion regulation in youth


I am interested in adaptive emotion regulation strategies learning in children and teenagers, as both preventive and treatment tool. In the PEACEFUL MIND project we compare different implicit and explicit emotion regulation techniques, and integrating mindfulness and self-compassion exercises as emotion regulation strategies.

In this project I am looking on how emotion regulation skills influence children’s performances, and how emotion regulation can be boosted to protect children against negative emotions and help them dealing with challenging situations, and how the individual differences can influence the effectiveness of these strategies.

Self-compassion and mindfulness


I am interested how both self-compassion and mindfulness exercises rather than interventions influence the way we deal with our daily life challenges. In the same line, I am interested in self-kindness and self-criticism as state and traits that can respectively facilitate or make more difficult dealing with every day challenging situations.

New technologies applied to Health


I am interested to provide evidence-based prevention and treatments tools for health and mental health issues with the current technology such as Virtual and Augmented Reality, serious games, online applications.