Our last day in NEMO!

Today it is our last day in NEMO. It was an exiting and intensive adventure! Our experiment was visited by 183 children and their parents. Many thanks to them!

Special thanks to the NEMO team, managed by Diana and Lucas, as well as Great Team of Students who made this data collection possible: Annebelle, Astrid, Laura, Maud, Renske, Yara. Ladies- you are the best!

We hope to see the results published by the end of this year, but you can always check on NEMO Science live website if there is some more news: https://www.sciencelive.nl/

We are coming back to NEMO in August 2017 for another 2 weeks to test some new hypothesis on emotion regulation in children. If you are a student and would like to join the adventure for a short internship just let me know!



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