How about being kind to yourself?

Let’s be honest, being kind to ourselves is not usually our first priority. We need to take care of our loved ones, our friends, our pets, or plants, and then we can finally sit and have a nice cup of tea or coffee…but guess what…there is only 24 hours in our daily schedule! So maybe its time to think where am I on my priority list? Maybe its time to put yourself in the agenda? Asking how do I feel? (mindfulness), and what do I need right now? (compassion). It doesn’t take so long but it makes all the difference.

Recently, together with my friend Gloria Remacha and thanks to the kindness of Ignasi Fayos Perez from IPSIVA I had a pleasure to run an 8-week Mindful-Self Compassion course for adults. We were reflecting on the importance of being kind to ourselves and learning new tools to respond with an open heart to moments of difficulties. It was a lot of fun!


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