What, How, If, and When…of Emotion Regulation

It’s been a challenging, strange and among all a very full of emotions year. As we all struggling with our emotions sometimes it feels appropriate, especially now when this year get toward the end, to stop for the moment and take time to explore our current emotion regulation toolbox. Thus, it was a real pleasure for me to chat about Emotional Regulation and Mindfulness with Tsamara in her Podcast: Meditate with Tsamara (@tsamarafahrana).

Together we explored what emotion regulation is, how to differentiate between the moment when we might want to apply emotion regulation strategy or nor, the impact of certain emotion regulation strategies on the brain, and its relationship to mindfulness. I hope you enjoy this episode and I invite you to continue the exploration by reflecting on your 3 favorite strategies for both, positive and negative affect.

Check out this and many more episodes of Tsamara’s podcast:

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